Holistic Consultations

Consultations are designed to assist with physical issues. I often see clients who have experienced failure of traditional medicine or those who choose not to tread down the traditional path. The wrong diet and lack of supplementation can lead to illnesses that could be avoided. Inflammation is said to be the root of most illness, and interestingly, inflammation is caused by the consumption of wrong foods.

Choose your top two health concerns as a starting point. Information will be gathered ahead of time, if available, such as blood work results and any prescription or over-the-counter drugs used regularly. Expect to make a change in diet and supplement with herbs and other recommended holistic nutrients. A follow-up appointment is usually recommended within three months unless the situation is serious.

Over the last two decades, I have used these methods on myself, my family, and now my clients.

I am a Certified Herbalist through The Alternative Healing Institute in Cleveland, OH.

This appointment is approximately an hour long. I prefer you see me in person.

Rerserve Consultation