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Medical Astrology

Using the Indian Jyotish system of astrology, the natal chart is analyzed using time, date, and place of birth to determine planetary weaknesses. Medical issues whether physical, mental, or emotional may be alleviated by strengthening certain planetary aspects. This is done through an ancient Indian application called Upaye. Gemstone remedies are recommended to alleviate these issues.

Choose your top two medical issues. This service includes two hours of time, all of which is procured behind the scenes. The results are communicated through an email and an Mp3 audio which appeals to clients who either favor visual or audio communications.

Just like any other holistic healing method, no guarantee is made. This technique is no substitute for your medical practitioner’s advice. You make the decision on a jeweler or metaphysical store. Herbal tinctures may also be suggested.

This service does not include the cost of gems, tinctures, globules, gem water, or herbal remedies. Those services are for your discernment but recommendations will be made.

Be sure to email, using the contact button, to provide your name, date of birth, time of birth, and city/state of birth.