Spirit Removal

If you find you are having issues with inexplicable behaviors or paranormal activity, spirit removal is essential for health and happiness. Sometimes clients suspect there is an entity and other times they do not. Don't fret! I realize this may be frightening for you but not for me. The disembodied being will be removed or extracted with both compassion and grace for all involved.

I do not need to be physically present at the place of paranormal activity but I do want to work with you directly. This type of session is conducted with my client at my studio or over the phone. I do not need to see you as I'm working directly with the entity but communicating what I see, feel, and hear.

Not only do I have much personal experience with this unusual topic, but I have been trained by a Shaman. In fact, I tried to avoid this work for many years but I have found that I have been called back to it.

The time frame for this type of work is a solid hour, sometimes more.

All work is done confidentially - always.

Reserve Removal

Spirit removal is a compassionate, fascinating service which left me feeling enlightened, enriched and empowered to connect with spirit for the blessing of all involved. I am grateful to Cindy for this service.

Deb W.