Cindy Summer

Trained psychic medium, Cindy Summer, is based out of Cleveland, Ohio. For over fifteen years, Cindy has orchestrated psychic readings, energy work, and medical intuition. You may have seen one of her many appearances on Fox 8, New Day Cleveland for dream interpretation. She conducts presentations, classes, and lectures on many topics.

Her readings are also available over the internet or phone.

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Psychic Readings

Somebody once said, clients bring their readings. It's true! Once I receive the psychic download, I reveal whatever is most important for the client in that slice in time. The psychic puzzle pieces appear, I explain what I feel, see, and hear, and we go from there. Readings are always for the purpose of healing, growing, and learning. Essentially, it is healing with words.

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Energy Work

All injury, illness, and disease begin with energy. No ailment can arise without the energetic imprint. Energy transforms into the physical. Thought precedes form. It is inherent, therefore, we clear the energy field to remove old debris and fill the aura/body with vibrant, rejuvenating energy. It's like an oil change. First, remove the old oil before adding the new oil. During an energy session, I am reading what is necessary to be healed. It may be physical, but is often emotional or spiritual.

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Cindy's Novels

Mascot Books is thrilled to announce the release of Romani Redd: Stripped—the first in a series of young-adult novels following a young Romani sorceress as she discovers her voice and power in the face of tremendous odds.

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Public Gallery Readings

Welcome to my Psychic Practice. For more of my videos,
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A +++++++. Top notch, Top tier. I have had 3 readings from her, 1 for my pup who was ill, 1 for a potential business and 1 for some spiritual gifts I am finding out and learning about that I have. All 3 readings were spot on and not sure what I would have done had I not gotten them. Since referred 2 more people to her, of which they were blown away as well!

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K Leonard

Parking and entrance are at the rear of the building. (There is no access from Fischer, the front of the building.) Using the long, shared driveway off of Ogontz, you'll see a parking lot directly behind the building. Studio located on ground floor, door on far left. Look for the hanging sign outside my door, come in, and relax in my waiting room.