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Cindy Summer - Spiritual Counselor

"I am a spiritual counselor infused with holistic roots in mind-body-spirit needs. Clients seek me out for the purpose of psychic readings and energy work. I'm known for empowering my clients, providing tools for happiness and health. What usually happens is that a client seeks my help. After I earn their trust and respect, the relationship grows. Their experience is often so meaningful that their extended families are now consulting with me. What makes me appealing is that not only am I called to a life of service, but I am inherently gifted AND trained. I take your needs very seriously."

Cindy Summer was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Cindy earned her BBA in Accounting at Cleveland State University and practiced as a CPA for twenty years. However, her spiritual calling was that of a spiritual counselor, so Cindy followed her heart’s vocation. Cindy Summer, psychically adept as a child, was called back to these childhood roots and studied for fifteen years under several teachers sharpening her already existing skill set. Cindy expanded her mediumistic training and earned her Ministerial Ordination through Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY. Reverend Cindy Summer’s heart sings when she conducts psychic readings for the purpose of empowering her clients to learn, grow, and heal. Business owners seek Cindy out for guidance regarding their companies. She also enjoys facilitating public gallery readings for events such as a Girls Day Out.

Cindy Summer enjoys teaching courses on a variety of subject matters such as: Grounding Meditation, Empath – Understanding the Sensitive Self, Medical Intuition Series, The Practical Practitioner Series-For Psychics & Healers, Analyzing Your Dreams, Ethics for Psychics, and Psychic Development Series. Cindy has been a guest speaker for organizations and loves to inspire her audience. She has a full-time spiritual counseling practice in Cleveland, Ohio and seasonally in Savannah, Georgia. Cindy raised two spiritually gifted daughters who are now independent young women.

Her public life includes regular appearances on television and a YouTube channel where she discusses several subject areas to empower her listeners. You can book a session, follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

Cindy is pleased to offer psychic readings in Savannah, Georgia, psychic readings in Columbus, Ohio, psychic readings in Chicago, Illinois, psychic readings in Detroit, Michigan, psychic readings in Phoenix, Arizona, psychic readings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, psychic readings in Vermont, and psychic readings in Akron, Ohio.

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