Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings are a snapshot in time. Whatever comes up is what you need to hear; my readings tend to be very psychic but may have traditional mediumship woven in. It may be confirmation of something you know deep down. It may be direction or perhaps it is an idea. Inspiration and hope comes from this type of reading. Prophetic information may surface. Sometimes friends and family from the other side come through and can be a source of comfort and direction, even if you were not close in life. Their job is to give advice. Your job is to entertain it.

On occasion, past life readings may surface. This is a unique way to tie in a past-life experience to the present. We have patterns and circumstances that repeat until we grasp certain life lessons. I still gasp at how accurate and applicable this is for healing in this life.

So...often the reading is a combination of the above, but if you are truly hoping to connect with someone from the other side, put it out there to the Universe before you arrive and your spirit person will likely make an appearance.

I am available for workplace events whether it is a holiday party, a monthly meeting, or simply a service to benefit employees. Duration and pricing is different than private readings so please email or call.

Readings are beneficial for businesses too since they each carry their own energy. This is an option when considering adding a product line, hiring, or relocating just to name a few.

Most of my readings are for 30-minutes in duration, but you are welcome to book 60-minutes for in-depth or complicated issues.

You may:

  1. See me in person at my studio in Lakewood, OH
  2. Work with me over Zoom on the internet
  3. Communicate with me over the phone

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Cindy is beyond accurate with timing. She is beyond accurate with everything. I was shocked. Great, sincere personality as well. I will be calling again, for sure!

Jennifer H.