Energy Work

This service is applicable whenever there has been illness, disease, injury, pre-surgery, post-surgery, post traumatic stress syndrome, and potential attachments. It is also for anyone who chooses to take a proactive approach to their health. Keep in mind that all issues start with energy and then manifest into the physical. Without managing the energy, a physical healing cannot occur fully. For example, I have seen evidence of trauma in the energy field forty years after an accident. The energetic imprint of the trauma must be cleared even if the body feels better.

This work is done while seated. With my guidance, my client grounds into a deep meditative state. Once the aura is cleared of the old, harmful energy, fresh brilliant healing is sent to fill the void. During the healing process, I am reading and communicating what I feel, see, and hear through my sixth sense.

Depending on the situation, one session may all that may be necessary, while some clients require more than one session. Some clients come for "maintenance" every three to six months.

Energy work may be combined with traditional and other holistic means of treatment.

For over fifteen years, I've been an intuitive healer having studied under Sarah Weiss. To this day, Sarah's technique, in the Sufi tradition, is my favorite and the most effective I've ever encountered. It works!

This type of session lasts 60-minutes, and on occasion, goes longer.

You may:

  1. See me in person at my studio in Lakewood, Ohio
  2. Communicate with me over the phone, there is no need to see me as you will head towards sleep

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As always, Cindy's energy work has lifted my vibration and put me back on track. She is very spiritually gifted and genuinely cares about people.

Ann E.