VermontPsychic Medium

Cindy Summer, trained psychic medium, is now offering psychic readings in Vermont. She has orchestrated psychic readings, energy work, and medical intuition for twenty years. Cindy conducts presentations, classes, and lectures on many topics.

Her readings and sessions, for the area, are currently available via the internet or phone, eastern standard time.

Psychic Readings

Somebody once said, clients bring their readings. It's true! Once I receive the psychic download, I reveal whatever is most important for the client in that slice in time. The psychic puzzle pieces appear, I explain what I feel, see, and hear, and we go from there. Readings are always for the purpose of healing, growing, and learning. Essentially, it is healing with words.

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Current offerings include Career Astrology and Medical Astrology

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Energy Work

All injury, illness, and disease begin with energy. No ailment can arise without the energetic imprint. Energy transforms into the physical. Thought precedes form. It is inherent, therefore, we clear the energy field to remove old debris and fill the aura/body with vibrant, rejuvenating energy. It's like an oil change. First, remove the old oil before adding the new oil. During an energy session, I am reading what is necessary to be healed. It may be physical, but is often emotional or spiritual.

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